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  • "As a loyal client of Horan & Associates Brokers Inc. for more than 15 years, I can honestly say that I have the utmost respect and comfort in knowing that my financial insurance needs are and will continue to be taken care of with the highest level of professionalism and interest for many years to come. My questions and requests over the years have always been responded to in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you for your continued high level of service in an industry that is both competitive and sometimes unreliable."
    Deborah F.
  • "One of the things Horan & Associates Brokers Inc. does very well is they have that focus. It’s not about selling products, it’s about taking care of your customers, and the businesses that do the best are the ones that take care of their customers."
    Cory E.
  • "It is so nice to do business with people like you, who are truly concerned about giving great service and do so with a positive and friendly attitude."
    Doug S.
  • "Your company gives me great peace of mind. Thank you for your wonderful service!"
    Ann G.
  • "I switched to Horan & Associates Brokers Inc. several years ago and right from the beginning I was made to feel like I was one of their most important clients. Whatever my insurance requirements are, I am always met with eager and friendly responses. My insurance needs have always been met and exceeded. I have been very happy doing business with Horan & Associates Inc. and I look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come."
    Mike D.
  • For the past 10 years, we have continued to rely on Brenda and her Team for insurance coverage on our business, home and auto. The reason is simple, Brenda & her Team make it simple. Whether it's a quick call to their office for information or clarification, there is an immediate recognition and response by a professional broker, who has the skills and knowledge to answer our questions. This is refreshing. Their personal commitment to service, quick response and ensuring our best interests are at the forefront of their approach, makes the Horan Team a champion in the insurance profession.
    Dale & Mary
  • Whenever I call Horan & Associates for information or to have something changed I always receive excellent service. They work hard to make sure I am well taken care of and provide the ultimate in customer service. They truly go above and beyond when sourcing out information for me and my family. They always have the personal touch and excel in keeping service in customer service.
    Mani D.
  • I have worked with Horan & Associates for personal insurance, personal investments, and commercial insurance for over ten years.  In the past, I have dealt with some of Canada’s largest brokerage firms and banks (and largest fees!), but now I have all of my holdings with Horan & Associates.  The reason is simple:  Brenda puts her clients' best interests ahead of anything else. 
    Brenda introduced the idea of Critical Illness Insurance to me. Like most people, I didn't think I would ever need it, but fortunately Brenda persisted.  A few years later, I was diagnosed with cancer and the insurance payout gave me the peace of mind I needed at a very challenging time.
    I take giving personal references very seriously.  As a result, I rarely give them.  In the case of Horan & Associates, I recommend them to my closest friends and family without hesitation!  And I would encourage you to check out Horan & Associates for yourself.
    Sharon Oatway