President & CEO Brenda Horan

Brenda is the President and CEO of Horan & Associates Brokers Inc., a registered investment advisory and general insurance brokerage firm. Brenda personally advises clients on their investment management, financial planning and life insurance needs. Brenda is also responsible for our business clients’ group investments and benefits.
Over Brenda’s lifetime she has experienced several different facets of business. In the late 70’s to early 80’s she was the general manager of a manufacturing division and merchandise manager responsible for millions of dollars in inventory, designing product, maintaining gross margins within acceptable levels for a company and also maintaining a well balanced relationship between the financial and sales departments.
In the mid 80’s to early 90’s Brenda entered the real estate field and held the status of Top sales representative until she promoted to office/sales manager for over 30 sales representatives and managed a medium size office staff including a property management division. She also completed the requirements and became a real estate broker.
Due to family commitments, in the early 90’s Brenda expanded her knowledge by entering the marketing field as a marketing co-ordinator in the manufacturing of hockey board systems and assisted in growing the U.S. market. She was responsible for over 6 million in sales annually until entering the financial services field in the mid 90’s.
From the mid 90’s until approximately 2006 Brenda managed a financial services brokerage responsible for all operations until she incorporated her own financial services business to include general insurance so that she could service her own clients as well as continue on with managing the other business. 
In late 2013, Brenda decided to terminate the management of the other business to focus solely on her business (Horan & Associates Brokers Inc). Her office is located in the town of Tottenham and as a small business owner she employs well trained staff to ensure that all clients have the best customer service available at all times.
Over her career she has continued her education with several different courses including property law, real estate appraisal, mortgage financing, property management, life insurance courses, accounting courses and various investment courses.  Brenda currently holds her Registered Insurance Broker License1, Chartered Life Underwriter2 designation, Certified Health Insurance Specialist3 designation, Certified Executor Advisor4 designation and Elder Planning Couselor5 designation. Brenda plans to continue on growing her business by serving businesses and individuals for many years to come. 
Brenda Horan lives on the outskirts of Tottenham in a True North log home on 33 acres. Being environmentally conscious her family lived off of the grid with just wind and solar power for over 11 years. She enjoys reading, swimming and relaxing at the cottage.

1 Registered Insurance Broker, RIB
A registered insurance broker is an independent insurance professional in Ontario governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act. Brokers sell general insurance including coverage of your home, business, automobile, boat etc. They offer product choice from a variety of companies and offer independent advice. Brokers represent their client's best interest when negotiating a contract between the client and the insurer.
2Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU®
The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) is a professional financial advisor specializing in developing effective solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals in the areas of income replacement, risk management, estate planning, and wealth transfer. For more than 80 years, the CLU designation has been widely recognized as a mark of excellence in the industry.
3Certified Health Insurance Specialist, CHS™
The Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS™) was established by The Institute for Advanced Financial Education to raise the professional standards and practice methods of financial advisors in the health insurance sector. The CHS designation positions financial advisors to meet the growing market demand for informed living benefits advice, through education and practice expertise in all relevant health insurance areas including disability insurance, critical illness, long-term care insurance, basic and group extended health insurance, drug and dental insurance, emergency medical insurance plans for travellers and insurance that provides immediate access to healthcare.
4 Certified Executor Advisor CEA
The Certified Executor Advisor Specialist was established by the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors. Executors may turn to up to seventeen professions in the course of their duties, but no one profession understood everything the others do to help and guide executors, until now. Certified Executor Advisors are experts in their own field but also have broad practical knowledge of everything the executor needs to know. They’re uniquely equipped to steer executors away from potential problems and toward the professionals they need. Certified Executor Advisors can advise testators, executors and heirs, and they work hard to ensure successful transition from generation to generation, helping to keep Canadian families happy, healthy and harmonious.
5Elder Planning Counselor Designation EPC
The Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies and its member Elder Planning Counselors stand for the highest of professional principles and standards regardless of their profession. The Elder Planning Counselor plays an especially important part in dealing with elders on a financial, social or health basis.